Topaz Meaning And Facts

Topaz is one of the most popular fine and precious stones in the world, it is quite hard and contains components such as silica, aluminum oxide, and fluorine.

It is a mineral that is part of the group of aluminosilicates due to its composition.

It is a stone that can be found in nature in large crystals with light colors.

The origin of the name of this beautiful jewel has been a very controversial topic.

For some people, the name of topaz comes from the old Sanskrit where it means “fire”, perhaps because of the intense color that imperial topaz has.

For others, the name originated from Greek which would mean “search.”

But in the writings of Pliny, the name of topaz comes from “Topazos”, an island in the Red Sea, in which large deposits of precious stones were found, although the stones that were extracted were peridots.

Types of Topaz

There is a great variety of topaz, some of them are:

-Smoked topaz

This gem is dark brown in color.

-Topacio from Brazil

This is a gem that can be pink, purple, or reddish in color.

-Toasted topaz or burnt topaz

This is a crystal from Brazil that has turned an artificial purple color due to the action of heat.

-Topacio from Hinojosa

This is a yellowish rock crystal.

Colors in Topaz

Natural topaz is almost always light in color, almost colorless.

For topaz to have intense colors they need to be heat-treated, with the help of some methods, it is possible to change the hue of this gemstone. This is why there are green, red, blue, and other shades of topaz.

Blue topaz can be found naturally, although they are very rare to find.

The vast majority of deep, deep blue topaz that can be found in jewelry stores have been artificially obtained their beautiful color through heat.

This takes its color thanks to the irradiation of a colorless Topaz that is then stabilized with the use of heat to stabilize the new color. The shade of the blue color will depend on the way it was treated with the radiation.

The topazes that turn pink that we can find in jewelry are also due to the fact that they are heat-treated, but these are produced by treating brown or yellow topaz.

Topaz Care

Topaz is quite a hard stone that lasts over time and cannot be dissolved even with most chemical solvents, but it has a coating that makes it susceptible to deforming in the event of a strong blow or splintering.

Some topazes can return to their original color or lose their color intensity if they are exposed to light that is too intense.

It is for these reasons that color-coated topaz gemstones should not be re-polished or re-polished.

What can Topaz be used for?

All topaz in its different shades and colors are used to create jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, or pendants.

Topaz in shades of pink, blue, and orange are also cut like gemstones.

Colorless topaz is currently becoming much more famous thanks to its being viewed as an inexpensive diamond.

Huge topaz gems and faceted topaz spheres that are cut from huge perfect crystals are used as exclusive collectibles.

Where can Topaz be found?

Where the largest topaz production is found is in Brazil.

Other places with reserves and large productions of topaz are:


-Czech Republic.








-Burma (Myanmar).


-United States (Utah, New Hampshire, and California).





The chemical formula of Topaz

Al2SiO4 (F, OH) 2

Other interesting facts about the Topazes

-Topaz that is naturally blue is considered some of the rarest and most difficult to find, although they are more likely to be found in Scotland, Northern Ireland, or England.

-The topaz that bears the name “imperial” is a natural topaz, which is the most sought after in the world and has a very high value, it is identified by its warm color. Brazil is considered to be the place that contains it the most.

-It is believed that topaz can be amulets for people born in November.

-The topaz is related to the planet Venus.

-In Egypt, many legends about this jewel originated. It was said that the God of the Sun, Ra, was the one who colored and gave the golden glow to this beautiful stone.

It is for this reason that at that time the Topaz became an amulet that was believed to protect from all evil.