Best Jewelry Cleaners To Buy Online

As they say, every piece of jewelry tells a story. Well, a cloudy and dull jewelry does not tell a pretty story is it? The same way that a golden statement necklace elevates an outfit, a murky and dull one can also ruin a whole ensemble. And what’s more worrisome? Murk equals germs and nobody wants that, especially in today’s health situation.

As with everything we wear, jewelry (no matter how expensive) can succumb to damage and aging due to being constantly exposed to the elements. Some body and skin care products, lotion for instance, can dull or even tarnish your jewelry. And if that isn’t worrying enough, saunas, tubs, swimming pools and even swimming in the ocean can and will damage them.

What to do when the sparkling gems and glossy metals loss some of their splendor and radiance? If regularly visiting a professional cleaner interferes with you busy schedule or your wallet, it’s high time to invest in a good jewelry cleaner and you do not have to break the bank while you’re at it. Here are the best jewelry cleaners you can purchase to help you rescue your beloved items and restore them to their original sparkling splendor.

Best Rated and Amazon’s Choice

Magnasonic Professional Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

This jewelry cleaner is so good, it practically resides in every “Best Jewelry Cleaners” list. With a rating of 4.5 out of 20,963 reviews, this machine delivers professional-grade results. You don’t have to worry about damaging your precious valuables as the 42,000 HZ ultrasonic sound waves are powerful enough to dislodge dirt but gentle enough not to harm your jewelry.

Best Seller Polish Cream

Wright’s Silver Cleaner and Polish Cream

For fans of silver jewelry, this polishing cream is a very good choice. The formula not only cleans and shines but also leaves behind a protective coating to delay tarnish from rearing its ugly head again.

Best Rated All Natural Cleaner

Caribbean Gem Banana & Coconut Oil Jewelry Cleaner

With a special blend of all natural banana and coconut oils, this powerful jewelry cleaner is safe for all metals and precious stones. Talk about multi-purpose! The brand also offers the Ultra Cleaning Kit set (cleaner, polish, spray and cleaning cloth) for that complete cleaning every jewelry requires.

Best For Diamonds

Connoisseurs 1050 Diamond Dazzle Stik

Your delicate diamond setting requires delicate and specialized cleansing too. This formula comes in a premium twist-to-dispense click pen with a flow-through brush, providing easier application for hard to reach areas such as behind the diamonds.

Best Copper Cleaner

Wright’s Copper and Brass Polish and Cleaner Cream

The mild formula of this cleaner allows its usage for copper jewelry with diamonds or other gemstones. Bringing that original copper beauty has never been this easy. The protective formulation also prevents tarnish.

Best Travel-Friendly Cleaner

Mine On-The-Go Ring and Jewelry Cleaner Pen

Being on-the-go is never an excuse to neglect your diamonds. They are your best friends after all. This “magic pen” is extremely easy to use and with the click mechanism, the scary possibility of spilling it inside your purse is a non-issue. The soft bristles won’t harm your precious jewelry and they can be handy for hard-to-reach areas.

Best Jewelry Wipes

Connoisseurs Jewelry Dry Disposable Wipes

Heading to a party and caught sight of your grandma’s intricate filigree ring covered in a not-so flattering dusty luster? These disposable wipes are quite handy for safe and quick touch-ups anywhere and anytime.

Best Steam Cleaner

Gemoro Black Diamond Brilliant Spa Steam Cleaner

Invest in GemOro Steam Cleaner if you are looking for a more long-term solution to your jewelry upkeep concerns. With high-impact and high-volume cleaning, this machine is perfect for jewelry enthusiasts who dabble in jewelry-making or restoration.

Best Polishing Cloth

Sabrina Silver Polishing Cloth

This cloth has two sides – one side for restoring shine and the other for cleaning dirt and grime. If using creams or liquids isn’t your fare, this generously-sized polishing cloth is a good and less expensive alternative.

Best Everyday Cleaner

Shinery Illuminating Pom

This unusual-looking, make-up-puff-looking piece of round foam is perfect for everyday use, boasting of zero chemical substance or harmful formula. The soft and non-abrasive material picks up all the oil, dirt and beauty product residue on your jewelry without scratching or streaking.