Best Engagement Rings For Fat Fingers

Whether you are the girlfriend or the nervous boyfriend planning to finally pop the question, choosing an engagement ring can sometimes be an overwhelming task. And if that isn’t stressful enough, care should be done in choosing a ring as some designs do not flatter all shapes and sizes of fingers. Sometimes, the bride-to-be’s hands are on the heavier, stocky side which is by the way, very common and pretty nonetheless.

Though quite a disparaging and an unhelpful term, having “fat fingers” does not have to be a hindrance when choosing a timeless and beautiful engagement ring that will perfectly capture and compliment the life changing decision that comes with it. Having plump or chubby fingers are nobody’s fault and it has nothing to do with one’s lifestyle choices.

Now, we may have to look a little harder to find the kind of rings that will flatter and enhance this kind of finger and hand shape but have no fear, there are a plethora of choices out there and we will help you find the best one for you, or at least, give you an idea on what styles to go for.

Double Halo Settings

Having a halo setting creates a large focal point which in turn lends a slimming effect to the fingers. With the double halo setting, the center gem is surrounded by two sets of smaller gemstones shaped into a ring. This way, the visual impact is larger, drawing attention away from the fingers and creating an elongated look. This attention-grabbing style also makes smaller center stones appear larger than it is.

We love: EX3 Lab Grown Double Halo Engagement Ring in 10K White Gold and 1Ct Diamond

Pompeii3 has been in the jewelry business for nearly a century. This stunning round style engagement ring also comes with a lifetime warranty.

Thicker Band Rings

A ring with a thick band works wonders to chubby fingers in contrast with the thinner ones because they create a slimmer appearance. Thinner bands tend to overemphasize the large girth of fat fingers. Generally, 5mm bands are the best options.

We love: Dazzlingrock Collection 10K 7X5 MM Oval Morganite & Round Diamond Ladies Engagement Ring with Double Band Set, Rose Gold

This rose gold number is the definition of stunning and beautiful. Bonus points, all diamonds used are conflict-free.

Statement Rings

Larger statement rings show lesser skin on the side of the ring, providing a slimmer and longer silhouette. The big, beautiful stone or setting will steal the focus away from your fingers.

We love: Berricle Rhodium Plated Sterling Silver Marquise Cut Cubic Zirconia CZ Statement Halo Art Deco Cluster Engagement Ring

This sterling silver, rhodium plated ring not only features a quality 0.4 carat marquise cubic zirconia in a 2-prong setting, it is also accented with a round and tapered baguette CZ resulting in an attention-grabbing number. Also, you do not have to break the bank as this ring is a lot more affordable than other rings in this list.

Split Shank Ring Setting

For those who find large statement rings bulky, the split shank engagement rings are ideal. It creates an illusion of wider settings, thus lending the same slimming and elongated effects to fat fingers but without the bulky, heavy feel.

We love: 1.50 CT Peridot Ring by Rosec Jewels

If the standard white diamond center jewel isn’t your fare, peridot is an excellent choice. The band comes in white, rose and yellow gold varieties.

Pear Shape Rings

Pear cut stones make an opulent and classic looking engagement ring. The point end draws the eye towards it and when worn in lengthwise orientation, they provide an elongated effect on short and stocky fingers.

We love: Kobelli Pear Shape Moissanite Halo Engagement Ring 14K Rose Gold

The pear cut genuine moissanite center stone is flanked by 100% conflict-free diamonds in a halo setting. The rose gold band in 14-karat gold looks gorgeously flattering even in not so slim fingers.


With a large variety of options for engagement rings, finding one that will compliment and make fat or heavier fingers look slender and more elongated can indeed be challenging. But armed with the ideas, examples and useful tips above, choosing the perfect one will hopefully be a little easier. One last parting tip though, sizing and customizing is the key no matter what style you go for. After all, diamonds do not discriminate!